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Danville Area School District

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Ironmen Cyber Academy

Why choose Danville's Ironmen Cyber Academy?

  • Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of school at home, but with the support of our own certified DASD teachers, counselors, and specialists.

  • Stay connected to your home school! Cyber students may participate in designated school-wide events - such as assemblies and field trips - both during and after school.

  • Cyber Academy students can participate in Danville’s extra curricular activities, including sports teams, band, and chorus.

  • Graduate with a Danville Area School District diploma

Aligned Curriculum

Danville’s Ironmen Cyber Academy students will access an interactive, online curriculum similar to the one offered in-person within our school district. Students remain on pace with peers through a full schedule of subjects and courses. All students work with our own certified DASD subject area teachers from within our own district.

District Personnel

DASD Counselors, teachers, and an administrator, provide opportunities for success to all students enrolled in the Ironmen Cyber Academy. Students have our own local district personnel to reach out to when educational, personal, and technical issues arise.

Equipment Provided

While enrolled in the Ironmen Cyber Academy, each Ironmen Cyber Academy student receives an enhanced touchscreen Chromebook and stylus; enabling them to fill out worksheets right on the screen, video chat with their teacher, and complete online activities. If students do not have high-speed internet service at their home, the district will also provide an internet access device at no charge. (Printers are not provided or required.)

Local Technicians

If there's trouble with technology, our Danville staff are nearby - they’ll assist over the phone or in-person at one of our local schools.


Any student in grades K-12 who currently resides within the Danville Area School District is eligible to attend the Ironmen Cyber Academy, whether they are currently enrolled in traditional school, attending an outside cyber school, or home schooled. Students outside the district may enroll as well, but must pay the full district tuition rate. There is no charge for students residing within the district.

Contact your school's principal with any questions about the Cyber Academy.