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Information for Parents/Guardians

ELD Program Eligibility

As required by federal law, in order to determine if your child qualifies for English Language Development (ELD) instruction, he/she will be given an English language proficiency test.  This test will determine if he/she qualifies for ELD instruction in order to comprehend daily lessons and participate socially in school. Your child will be tested in English reading, writing, speaking and listening. The test scores will indicate that he/she is eligible to receive ELD instruction in a program designed to help students acquire English language proficiency and access grade-level content instruction.

Parental Right to Refuse ELD Services 

If you are considering opting out of ELD services: Please contact your child’s ELD teacher to discuss the needs of your child. If necessary, schedule a meeting with your child’s ELD teacher and an administrator. State law mandates the completion of a parent waiver form to formally decline services. Student's who are opted out of the program are still required to take the yearly WIDA ACCESS test until they score proficient in all 4 areas of proficiency.